Founded by Experienced FBA Sellers

FBA Translations was founded by a small team of experienced FBA Europe sellers who realized that their sales volume in different countries was largely dependent on the quality of their Amazon listing translations. After working with a number of translators, they created a proprietary method for translations based on competitive analysis, keyword research and quality translation that proved repeatably successful.

The system was eventually applied with their team of vetted, native-speaking translators already experienced in Amazon FBA. It has since become an effective solution for many other FBA sellers looking to translate their listings.

The FBA Translations team is made up of qualified native-speakers who are also experienced copywriters. They understand exactly what FBA sellers are looking for in a great listing. They are also knowledgable about Amazon FBA and keyword research.

Whether you want to enter European marketplace for the first time, or you’re looking to re-translate underperforming listings, our team can give your listing the specialized translation and localisation it deserves.

With both American and European customer service, FBA Translations delivers fast, reliable service to get all of your European listings at peak performance from day one.